The media industry is in a constant process of technological change. We follow the corresponding trends and offer our expertise to accompany our customers on important issues.
From topic to story to distribution ​

cross-media newsplanning​


Newsrooms need to be able to respond quickly to breaking news situations and publish stories easily across all distribution channels. Organizational and technical boundaries between the various planning units are a hindrance here. Instead, workflows and information flows from planning via material acquisition to content creation must be meaningfully integrated with one another.

We align planning resources and create transparency on topics and stories
Trimedial production solutions

With profound newsroom know-how, we develop demand-oriented and innovative system and workflow concepts

Innovative projects

Our concepts align planning resources and provide transparency on topics and news stories

Zukunftsfähige Basis

We create a future-proof foundation to increase the journalistic relevance


Editorial collaboration solution with multimedia makeover


Creation of the detailed specification for the implementation of a newsroom system


Trimedial strategy for improved cooperation between television, radio and online

Production - fast and simple but with quality please

Smart Production

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Increasing cost pressure and tight personnel resources – diversifying material acquisition and processing – faster time-to-air cycles – all this requires a rethinking of the production process.

We develop smart production solutions with experienced solution architects
Fast on air

We shorten time to air with innovative solutions

Shaping workflows

We ensure lean workflows from material acquisition and provision to product distribution

Well connected

Intelligent integration of newsroom, real-time graphics and studio automation ensures efficient production of up-to-date content


Creation of a consolidated backlog for post-production renewal


Face-to-face workshops for the development of a vision


Gesamtprojektleitung zum Aufbau eines teilautomatisierten, flexiblen Studios

Challenge with opportunities and risks​

Spotlight Cloud Capability​

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For some time now, the media industry has seen an increasing range of cloud-based applications. This includes both the area of planning (program and broadcast planning, topic and show planning) and solutions for complex production or distribution workflows. This poses new challenges for media companies and content providers in terms of system architecture and integration in a heterogeneous application landscape (on premise, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS).

Cloud governance as condition for successful cloud projects
Develop cloud strategy

In our Spotlight, we present to interested customers what it takes to build a future-proof cloud strategy

Cloud Governance

We show how cloud governance can be established and implemented

IT Security

We present practical examples and tools to ensure IT security in every project

System Check

Spotlight Testing Management

Ready To Flight.

In more than 100 technical realizations in the broadcast field, we have learned that often not enough attention is paid to the preparation and implementation of appropriate test management for new or updated software solutions, as well as for determining the technical operational readiness of complex installations. The consequence can be critical defects discovered late and even a postponed go-live date.

The goal of test management is to ensure quality and safety
From requirement to test case

We show how effective test cases are derived from well-formulated requirements

Organize test environment

We present how test teams are organized and test cases are consistently recorded as well as sustainably managed


Using practical examples, we demonstrate which software tools provide optimal support for the planning, execution and evaluation of test management