We are the project house
for broadcasters and content providers
Online Live Video Marketing Concept

As consultants, we act in projects to advance planning, production and publication processes for your products.

We rely on fast, standardized consulting packages as well as individual concepts in complex environments.
A symbiosis of project management and industry know-how ensures the achievement of your goals.

Our Offer

On your marks...

Together with you we analyze your starting position and define your goals and requirements

get set...

Our experts design and plan a matching professional and technical solution


We implement the solution, complete your project and ensure a successful launch 

Our projects are the best reference.
Over 100 successfully implemented consulting projects for broadcasters, system integrators and manufacturers.

Best Cases


Editorial collaboration solution with multimedia makeover


New solution for program planning with a trimedial focus


New control room software for two sites with harmonized processes between the houses


Integration of program and broadcast planning for a trimedial solution


Conversion to a TPEG based traffic editorial system


New concept for agile project management and implementation of professional test management.


Fast ways to exchange information - through strong newsboard concepts

Smart Production​​

Smart production solutions - developed with our Solution Architects

Networked Media

Digital transformation in systems technology
10 years of expertise as an independent project house

The Founders

CREATOR: Gd Jpeg V1.0 (using IJG JPEG V80), Quality = 95

Malte Spohr

Managing Director
Oliver Sw

Oliver Haustedt-Sommer

Managing Director

Test management solution based on Jira

Optimised test management at ARD Sternpunkt

Shine a light on focus topics

Spotlight on: the innovation lab


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