Backlog / Stuttgart / 2021 – 2022

Fine specification at its best

The customer faced the challenge of fine-specifying an extensive requirements backlog in order to start the agile development process of a software for topic and event-oriented planning. 
sommer + spohr guided the fine specification of the user stories and developed a concept for the implementation of a digital genealogy chain in order to document the lifecycle of the individual requirements transparently and sustainably. 
sommer + spohr implemented the requirement management workflow in JIRA, accompanied the SCRUM-like development process and carried out the quality assurance of the acceptance criteria.
Through the fine specification of the user stories, the scope could be outlined more and more clearly and the detailed understanding of the individual functionalities behind the respective requirements could be sharpened. Based on the acceptance criteria, the content of the agile development process was filled and mutually agreed with the software manufacturer. This enabled the iterative rollout of the software in-house, so that going live for selected editorial teams was made possible at an early stage.  
The acceptance criteria created the basis for test management, which was conceptually developed and established as part of an internal sub-project.