As consultants we act in projects for the advancement of planning, production and publication processes of your products
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Starting off with requirement assessments
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··· designing solutions
··· realizing improved workflows
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Customized or standardized solutions - developed by our team of consultants, project managers, system architects and specialist planners
For the staffing of our projects, we draw on the wide-ranging knowledge of our consultants and network partners. This is how we ensure the best possible support for your project


2022 Sosp Leistungenicons Analyse

„The more familiar and everyday a behavior is, the more problematic its analysis becomes“

Desmond Morris british zoologist, behaviorist, publisher and artist 1928


Our claim is to examine problems with professionalism and expertise but also with a critical distance. In this way, we ensure the success of the project even before it starts. We bring all stakeholders to the table. Our focus is on your goals, business processes and ideas for new solutions.
We also continue the analysis during the implementation phase. We focus on possibilities for optimizing workflows in every phase, in order to refine existing concepts in a meaningful way.

Requirement analysis
  • Assess requirments
  • Formulate in agile or classic project environments
  • Structure comprehensible backlogs
Workflow Analysis
  • Understand existing and shall-be workflows 
  • Assess processes and workflows
  • Identify potential improvements
System analysis
  • Apply Enterprise Architecture (EAM)  instruments
  • Assess system architectures
  • Linking business capabilities with applications and services


Editorial collaboration solution with multimedia makeover


Checking workflows and functional comparison with solution scenarios


Over shoulder view in ARD/ZDF Mittagsmagazin


2022 Sosp Leistungenicons Lösung

“Success needs to cross the planning bridge in order to get to you.“

Adolf Loos, Austrian architect and cultural philosopher


Based on the functional and technical requirements as well as the existing system environment, we create the appropriate solution architecture and define the guidelines for a successful realization phase. If desired, we apply the principles and methods of agile procedures. Within tender procedures we provide support from the preparation of the tender documents to the evaluation of the bids.

Technical Planning
  • Create the general project timeline
  • Develop the future system architecture
  • Create detailed technical system specifications
  • Design processes and workflows
Preparation of tender documents​
  • Define functional and technical requirements
  • Prepare specifications
  • Create evaluation catalogs for performance and price
  • Conduct market investigations with potential suppliers for better budgeting
  • Support the business unit and purchasing department in the preparation of tender documents


Lösung für redaktionelle Zusammenarbeit mit multimedialer Neuausrichtung


Checking workflows and functional comparison with solution scenarios


Over shoulder view in ARD/ZDF Mittagsmagazin


2022 Sosp Leistungenicons Realisierung

“Getting ahead of development to ensure its organic progression is the secret of all leadership.”


John Lind, US politician


Together with you, we develop the basis for a successful implementation phase.
We are your competent partner thanks to our experience from a multitude of project run in the broadcast industry. This includes replacements of playout infrastructures as well as the integration of complex workflows into distributed system environments.
Our certified project managers offer comprehensive support from the definition of goals, guidelines and risks via project organization up to the definition of work packages. We use modern software tools such as Jira to orchestrate and monitor the development of work products.
A consistent focus on needs and challenges from the user’s perspective is important to us. If required, we support change management with customized training concepts. We provide specific reports in order to keep stakeholders and responsible parties informed about the current project status at all times.

Project preparation
  • Clarify project objectives and general conditions
  • Develop the project organization
  • Conduct the risk analysis
  • Create the work breakdown structure
Project implementation
  • Control the project implementation within the defined frames for costs, deadlines and quality according to agile and classic methods
  • Integrate technical workflows
  • Develop communication concepts
Testing Management​
  • Develop the appropriate testing management approach
  • Derive test cases from requirements
  • Plan and execute quality assurance tests


New concept for agile project management and implementation of professional test management.


Project management for the construction of a partially automated, flexible studio


Location-independent video upload for mobile journalists