Analysis / Opfenbach / 2020 -2021

Improved workflows for program scheduling

Over the past 2 years, K-TV had developed a requirements profile that would lead to better support for existing workflows (program scheduling) as well as an expansion of the workflow for filling a new media library platform. After changes of essential planners in the team, K-TV had doubts whether the so far developed solution concept would meet the requirements. 
sommer + spohr were asked to check the requirements against the drafted solution concept in an audit and to prepare the requirements backlog in such a way that, if necessary, other system solutions could be evaluated comparatively. In several online workshops, the business processes and their weaknesses and potentials were identified. In the next step, the resulting functional requirements were developed and weighted. Finally, a compliance matrix was created and the drafted solution concept was supplemented according to the respective degree of fulfillment. 
This enabled K-TV to develop and compare various solution scenarios on the basis of the compliance matrix.