Concept, Implementation / Berlin / 2020 -2021

Faster workflows for mobile journalists

For some time now, rbb has been using a solution that allows mobile journalists (MoJo) to upload their video footage to the central production system for moving images (VPMS) using a web-based interface. However, uploading was only possible within the rbb premises. Therefore, the approximately 90 mobile journalists had to make an extra trip to the headquarters.
In order to minimize the loss of time for current topics, the next step was to enable a location-independent upload of the video contributions to the editorial offices.    
sommer + spohr was commissioned with the project management and conception of this project. For this purpose, the consulting firm designed a future-proof, cloud-based system architecture to expand the existing solution.
For mobile journalists, an in-house web-based solution for iPhone and iPad was implemented, which does not differ in appearance and functionality from the in-house upload interface. Netorium with its partners Hiscale and ministry of code implemented the new system.  
The upload interface for capturing metadata was deliberately kept slim to allow quick input.  
In addition, a possibility was created to make the original files available in a separate central storage for further use. This means that the original resolution and thus the optimum quality is available when recutting to a different aspect ratio, for example.   
With the cloud-based system architecture, rbb now has the basics in place to take the next step and open up the solution to external users, who are already providing up to 100 contributions a day with an upward trend. Viewers can thus be better integrated and the increasingly important user-generated content finds its way into the media house more easily and securely.