You’re planning a major project with new technologies and want to explore hands-on the possibilities the market offers for your technical issues?

Are you looking for an opportunity to try out new workflows?

You already got a lab, but the results are a long time in coming or not concrete enough?

You don’t only want to test, try and learn, but also have tangible results at hand to be able to take the next steps?


Contact us! Preparing, implementing and supporting laboratory projects and PoCs has been our business for years. We would be happy to shine our “innovation lab” spotlight on you and focus on your questions. We bring along a realistic lab project, shed light on the associated best practices and offer you a protected space for exchange – with us and with each other.


What happens in a Spotlight?

In our Spotlights, we set up a Teams session for up to 90 minutes to put the spotlight on focus topics. We start with a practical report on the implementation of a laboratory project using a specific example. We start with the planning, move on to the implementation, evaluation and preparation of the results. We also address lessons learned and possible pitfalls in such a project. Afterwards, we deliberately leave plenty of room for discussion among all participants.

The Spotlight is an opportunity to gain an overview of the key aspects of the focus topic on neutral ground and free of charge, and at the same time to discuss the application in your own project with the participants – what happens in the Spotlight, stays in the Spotlight!


Spotlights are also possible on other focus topics, such as test management or cloud governance.


Please contact Oliver Haustedt-Sommer and Malte Spohr for more information.

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