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Concept for trimedial programm and planning system


Concept for trimedial programm and planning system |

Südwestrundfunk |
Baden-Baden, 2018 |

At the end of the life cycle, the existing programm and planning system for television needs to be replaced. Along with the strategic trimedial orientation of the SWR, the new solution sought should not only consider linear but also non-linear distribution channels and, in particular, think about the possible integration of radio.

In order not to jump too short here, the customer aimed at a comprehensive concept that had to take into account the requirements of all current and future participants. sommer + spohr set on existing requirements and supplemented them to obtain a complete profile of requirements. All stakeholders worked together to develop the business and technical requirements in joint workshops. In a market survey, the requirements were compared with the technical possibilities of an international group of manufacturers.

The client was thus able to create a comprehensive and actionable specification for the new trimedial programming system.