As part of several internal analyses, our customer, a German regional TV Station, found that very different test management concepts are used in-house for various applications and systems. Therefore, the goal was set to develop a uniform test management procedure and to gradually roll this out in the individual departments.
sommer + spohr was commissioned in December 2021 to analyze the existing test management concepts, to check for optimization potential and to design a uniform procedure with those involved. In addition to the technical and organizational aspects, support with suitable software tools was also examined.
In several workshops, our team analyzed the current procedure with stakeholders from various departments and recorded detailed requirements for a unified procedure. On this basis, we developed a tailor-made test management concept. It includes process descriptions, instructions for creating test cases and organizational requirements for connecting test management to the existing procedures in the area of ​​renewal projects and operational management. Since Jira has already been introduced in-house as a solution for activity management, the customer attached great importance to supporting test management with extensive Jira functionalities.
The test management concept for the rollout in the service areas is currently being prepared and should be completed by the end of 2022.