SWR wanted to introduce a topic-centric planning system (approx. 5000 users) company-wide as SaaS. In an agile development process, a software for topic and event-oriented planning (THEO) was to be implemented. For this purpose, sommer + spohr accompanied him for more than 2 years from the requirements analysis to the preparation of documents in compliance with the public procurement law to the development of a concept for the implementation of the project. The project is realized among others by the system integrator Thum + Mahr and the manufacturer Wolftech, whose software “Wolftech News” forms the new planning tool of the SWR.

In the first phase of the project, sommer + spohr took over the organization and implementation of workshops in order to formulate SWR’s requirements concretely and completely in user stories.
In a next phase, the user stories were transformed into functional and non-functional requirements as a basis for the tender. Furthermore, sommer + spohr provided support in the procurement, coordination and compilation of all necessary tender documents in order to publish the EU tender on time and on schedule and to obtain bids that were eligible for award.
In the further project phase, sommer + spohr took over the elaboration of the fine specification as well as the concept for the implementation of a process that allows to document the requirements in a transparent and sustainable way.
In addition, the basis for a holistic test management was laid, which will also be used in the follow-up of the project and will be used for the quality assurance of the software “News”.

“With sommer + spohr we found a professional and reliable partner for the preparation of the EU tender. The work in the virtual team was concentrated and after only four months the tender could be published.”

Sabine Schnarrenberger, SWR, Project managerin/Referent