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sommer + spohr supports successful go-live at Radio Bremen

Following the introduction of OpenMedia as the central topic planning system for current regional news (television and online) in 2019, Radio Bremen took the next step in 2021 towards consistent cross-media planning and production with the integration of radio channels in particular into a comprehensive topic and programme planning system for all playout channels.

sommer + spohr has been supporting the project since July 2021 with consulting and project management services for the transfer of the existing draft planning into a tender for the implementation of the necessary adjustments. In addition to d’accord as an audio content management system, other existing systems had to be connected to the editorial and production workflow and the integration with Sophora as an online CMS had to be expanded.

With the start of implementation by the general contractor Thum & Mahr, sommer + spohr took over tasks in the context of project supervision and accompanied the project until the go-live of all editorial offices in January 2024. The biggest challenge was the newly developed interface between OpenMedia and d’accord by the two manufacturers CGI and d’accord. Thanks to intensive detailed specification by Radio Bremen, Thum & Mahr and the two development teams, the complex logics from topic and programme planning to the playout of radio programmes were successfully implemented. The connection of the online CMS Sophora to OpenMedia was also successfully optimised by Radio Bremen and CGI.

On this basis, the editorial teams at Radio Bremen now use centralised and efficient topic and programme planning for all distribution channels.

“sommer + spohr supported us actively and reliably throughout the entire course of the project. Thanks to their high level of expertise, the team helped Radio Bremen find the right way forward in difficult project situations.”

Björn Oesterle, Project Manager OpenMedia for Radio