When we founded sommer + spohr consulting for media GmbH on 1 January 2013, the media industry was already in a state of continuous change. At that time, we planned our company foundation in the café of the Munich Literaturhaus and decided to offer our complementary expertise from the areas of TV planning and production as well as classic IT in a joint service portfolio.

Today we look back on a very intensive and beautiful time. A time in which we were able to carry out a multitude of interesting and multifaceted projects. Accompanied by valuable employees and project partners whom we got to know and appreciate.

We were there when file-based workflows replaced traditional physical media to a large extent. More and more efficient compression algorithms made better audio and video qualities possible. Thus, SD first became HD, then Full HD and finally UHD up to productions in 8k resolution.

Due to technological progress, software-defined networks are increasingly replacing the tried and tested “green cables” and enable high-performance network infrastructures that also bridge the gap to SaaS and IaaS solutions in the cloud. Innovative ideas have enabled AI-based services to triumph in the automation of media workflows. At this time, when workflows were fundamentally changing, we supported many houses in optimising planning and production processes by means of innovative technical solutions.

We are grateful to have been able to support our customers in their challenges over the past 10 years and are also somewhat proud of a record of over 140 successful customer projects. We have also grown with the challenges and have been able to expand and sharpen our experience and methodologies. We would like to thank both our clients and our network partners for the trusting and successful cooperation.

We look forward with confidence to the coming years and projects, in which we want to continue our success story together with clients and partners.

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