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Concept for the unification of the video content management systems in the ARD

Norddeutscher Rundfunk |

Consulting |
Sep - Nov 2019 |

Against the backdrop of rising cost pressures, dwindling human resources and rapidly changing business models, it is important to make the production of moving images as lean, flexible and efficient as possible in the future.
Which standardized and possibly central system architecture can support this and how can future processes look like? These and other issues should be discussed and answered together with the experts from the various public broadcast stations.
Sommer + spohr moderated three multi-day workshops with the experts over a period of 2 months, analyzed and condensed the results and produced a report in which optimization potential and concrete measures were identified.
The customer is now able to plan the corresponding project content and finance. And more importantly, it created a consensus within the involved RFA, to tackle the upcoming challenges together and well coordinated.