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We ensure the success of the project even before it starts. We bring all stakeholders to the table and work out the goals, business processes and benefits of the new solution. The analysis continues into the implementation phase, where it can more specifically address both optimizations and changes and enhancements or refinements to the concepts.

Requirement management

We elicit your requirements and prepare them especially for use in agile projects. Using methodologies we have developed ourselves and tested many times, we can guarantee a perfect start to the implementation phase. With comprehensible prioritization, consistent levels of detail and the creation of a backlog in suitable ticket systems, we create ideal conditions for the subsequent implementation.

It is particularly important to us that "everyone has to be involved". Requirements management offers a great opportunity to prepare all participants for the upcoming "change" at an early stage. In the course of the project, feedback loops can be run again and again with the participants, in which reference is made to the jointly developed requirements.


In addition to the requirements, consideration of the future workflows is indispensable for the success of the future solution - much like the construction plan for a multitude of Lego bricks.

As early as the requirements phase, we define the basic framework in the form of a process map. This level 1 representation is then successively detailed in level 2 and 3 workflows during the implementation phase.

We use recognized standard methodologies as well as self-developed approaches to depict processes and workflows. It is important to us that the presentation fits the target audience. For example, editors generally expect a more intuitive visual language than IT experts.

With the help of the workflow graphics, potentials for improvements and standardization can be easily identified in the circle of all participants. The entry into any workflow discussion is facilitated by the available documentation. All participants can prepare themselves well and enter workshop rounds with a comparable level of knowledge.

It is important to us that the documentation does not become a cupboard commodity. If the workflows are only to be used temporarily for a project, we produce them with minimal effort and simple means. However, if they are part of an established process management in the company, we are happy to switch to more complex and professional modeling tools.

Enterprise Architecture Management

Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) is a big topic that we can't come close to covering exhaustively here. However, we like to use this term because we take the tools we use in projects from this large toolbox. In this way, we ensure from the outset that our consulting services are future-proof and can be seamlessly integrated into EAM concepts at a later stage.

Our classic services include taking stock of system architectures, systematically recording interfaces and dovetailing business capabilities with applications and services.

Basically, the system analysis completes the process and workflow analysis and is indispensable for sustainable concepts and solutions.

Creation of tender documents

We support purchasing and the specialist departments in the preparation of tender documents. Based on previous requirement and inventory assessments, we specify service descriptions that clearly communicate functional and technical requirements to the suppliers in a way that is comprehensible for all parties involved.

For quantifiable evaluation, we build up evaluation catalogues for services and price catalogues.

If very specific concepts are already available, we can, with the help of our specialist planners, detail technical systems in such a way that ultimately only the pricing has to be decided.

If there are still uncertainties in the budgeting of the project, we carry out market enquiries with potential suppliers on our behalf. The client remains anonymous in the background and is not "overrun" by sales teams.